Producer. Sound Designer. Composer. Voice Actor.

Newton "Newt" Schottelkotte is a podcaster currently based in the Nashville area. Acting as the head of Caldera Studios, Newt has a variety of fiction and nonfiction podcasts under their belt. After starting their first audio drama at fifteen, they now keep their fingers in a variety of industry pies, involved in everything from executive production, to voice acting, to live theater.












I know firsthand how overwhelming the role of Showrunner can be. With over half a decade of audio drama experience, let me put it to use with your podcast! From handling actors, deadlines, and those dreaded emails, to creating social media moments that engage and invite folks to listen, I've done it all, and can do it for you! Upgrade your creative team with organizational skills that have been called "mild to moderately awe-inspiring" and "a wedding planner's sleep paralysis demon". I'm ready to collaborate with your show's vision, and create a stress-free space with room to make something extraordinary.

Big or small, narrated or ensemble cast, contemporary or genre to a "T"! Today's audio drama lives and dies on its sound design; now more than ever, you need a sound designer who can bring your story to life. My experience in other roles of the production process will bring a unique aspect of collaboration to the polish of your show. I understand what each actor, writer, and director brings to the table, and can work seamlessly with them in turn. I can even help you find the best framing device to make your story shine.


Onstage and on the mic, I've worked with actors aplenty to guide a show towards success. If you're looking for someone experienced in live voice acting direction who can help your cast achieve showstopping performances and takes that take your breath away, I'm your guy! I'll bring my own actor's toolkit to the table and head sessions that run smoothly, foster creativity, and put safety and comfort at the forefront. You'll have a wealth of great performances to take your show to the next level- plus, the funniest blooper reel in the business.




Does your podcast's social media presence need some polish?

Social media is one of the biggest ways to market your show, and you want its account to put your best foot forward. But how can you follow the unwritten rules of professional presentability while still creating a homepage that's fun, inviting, and shows off what you've worked so hard on?

Newt's Social Shine-Up is here to help! With my years of podcast marketing experience, and time creating and running multiple shows, from fiction to nonfiction, I'll work with you to create a show account that invites new fans to have a listen, makes it easy for current fans to keep up with the show, and impresses potential networks, advertisers, journalists, and collaborators. From Twitter to Tumblr to Instagram, I've got you covered.


- A thirty minute consultation on your show, growth goals, brand and aesthetic, and how you want to engage with your audience- Creation of a unique and memorable logline for your show.- An overhaul or simple tweak of your bio to make it informative and just right.

- Selection of an icon and header from either a graphics package, or created material, to show visitors to your page what you're about.- Appraisal of existing posts to clean up and clarify your presence.- Creation of a pinned post/thread to put all the ways to support the show in one place.


For new and marginalized creators: thirty bucks. Yep. Seriously.

I know that most of the folks looking for a leg-up like this are just starting out in the industry. Not everyone is privileged enough to have time off to learn the ropes of running a professional account, or to have infinite funds for prestige consultation. So here's the deal: simple, concrete, no-frills advice to create a presence you can feel confident about, the tools to execute it, and a knowledgable guide with you every step of the way. For $30 USD. Sound good?

For those not a member of a historically marginalized group and have been in the industry for longer than a year, my regular rate is $100 USD.